The “Art-Forever-Postcards”

The “Art-Forever-Postcards”, an excellent option to add a spark to your art.


Be honest, you receive a postcard from a friend because is your birthday. And what happens with it after a while? It ends in the bin.



People will not consider the postcard itself as a gift. It is just an accessory for the “real” present.

The main reason is that you know; postcards are cheap. May be printed in a good paper, maybe with an astonishing image in the front. But, in the end, just a postcard.

This is the main reason we do not print “postcards” from artists, they can do it at home, it will be the same, and cheap.

But, what if we can change this?

What if we can add extra value to your postcard?

This is the idea of the “Art-Forever-Postcards”


First, they are bigger than the “traditional” postcards. We print them on an A4 size paper. It means, folded as a postcard will give you a very nice A5 (148 × 210 mm or 5.8 × 8.3 inches) print of your artwork.

And second, more important, it will be printed on a very nice “Rag Cotton Base – Archival Print” paper. It is the warranty to last for at least 50 years.

Your artwork, as a postcard, will not only be a good wishes message. It will be the present too.


The addressee will be able to cut (or not) the front of the postcard, where your beautiful artwork will be printed and framed it. And enjoy it forever.

At the back of the postcard, we will also print the artist name and contact details.

We provide the “Art-Forever-Postcards” with an amazing Coloured envelope plus a Board Backed Brown Envelope to be sure your artwork will be protected and ready to be posted.

The “Art-Forever-Postcards” can be ordered on Soft Textured Paper 310gsm or Fibre Based Semigloss Paper 300gsm. Both Archival quality papers. Minimum order of 4 postcards is required, but you can send also up to 4 images, meaning not all postcards needs to be the same.

At the bottom of the back of the postcard, we also add these instructions:

Congratulations! You just receive an “Art Forever Postcards”.

This special postcard was printed into a “Rag Cotton Base – Archival Print” paper. It means you can keep the art printed on it, we will recommend frame it too and hang it proudly on your wall or desk.

“Rag Cotton Base – Archival Print” paper and the high-quality print system used to produce this postcard will allow you to keep the artwork for a long, long time without losing its colours.