Vinyl Surface Sticker

Vinyl Self Adhesive Stickers are an attractive and affordable way to show off your art everywhere.

Stickers, used on laptops, for example, are a great way to get your creations exposure on your customers’ devices or add personality to your own laptop.

Highly visible, laptops give you a chance to show off your artworks at meetings, in the office, and at the coffee shop.

  • Made with durable vinyl that resists sunlight.
  • Form-fitting vinyl decal sticker
  • Provides resistance to minor scratches
  • Semi-Gloss finish provides intense, vibrant colours and sharp line detail

Cut-to-Shape stickers:

Prices are per sheet, minimum size of the sticker is 8 x 8.5cm = 12 stickers per sheet.

Although we can print stickers and laptop skins up to 40 x 57 cm we would not recommend you to design your one bigger than 13 x 18 cm. This is because it will be easier for you customer to find a place to put it on.

You can create as many stickers you want, even with different designs/shapes as long as you fit them on a sheet A3 size (29 x 42cm) with 1cm margin each side. The gap/separation between stickers should be at least 1 cm.

If you do not know how to do it you can upload your image and we will create the sheet for you (and extra £ 5.- will be added to the total of your order)

We will send you a proof before to proceed with the order.

As an example: if a sticker is 8 x 8.5cm you will be able to fit 12 stickers per sheet.

1 sheet (12 stickers) £ 9.5  (up to 5 sheets)

10 sheets (120 stickers) £ 70.-