Limited Edition certificates


  • Please complete the information below.This information will be printed in your certificate.You must also select the size you will like to print your artwork and upload the file.

    Once the certificate is printed, we will send it to you, please sign it and return.

    In order to get your prints you will need to contact us, and we will fulfill your order based on the information already provided.You will also get a 10% discount on your print order.

    If you need any additional information, please contact us before buying the certificates.

    Remember: This is an order for the certificates only. It DOES NOT include the print of the artwork.

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    Examples: Digital Artwork, Aquarelles, Pencils, Mixed-Media...

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    We recommend using a standard A size for limited editions.It will make your buyer easy to find a frame for it. If the artwork si not proportional to a standard A size we will add a "gallery-style" white frame around or you can do it yourself before uploading the file.

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    Only Rag Archival High-Quality Acid free can be used for LImited Editions

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The setup cost is £20 (for the entire set of editions). To start, we’ll send you a minimum of 10 certificates to sign and return.

You have the option to add more certificates up to 25.

We will send you the certificates for you to sign them.Once you signed you need to return them to us.

Every time you order a print of the certified artwork, we will add the certificate to it.

Note:Once you decided how many certified copies you want to print you will NOT be able to add more certificates. We offer up to 25 certificates as it is the maximum considered as true “Limited Edition” by serious galleries. As ethical observation you should not print “Limited Editions” sets from the same artwork onto different sizes or papers.

Additional information

How many certificates?

10 certificates, 15 certificates, 20 certificates, 25 certificates