Printing Services Disclaimer

We always like to provide the best-personalised service. To avoid any problem, we encourage our customers to use our free on-line consultation room.


The quality of any prints we produce completely depends on the quality of the original document, be it hard copy or a digital file. We will do our best to produce the best quality print from the documents supplied, but cannot be held responsible if the quality is found to be unacceptable due to a poor original source.

The success of colour reproduction depends on the complexity of the image, the number of colours, and colour gradients. Note also that the colours you see on the printed documents may differ from those seen using a digital camera, computer or other imaging device.

The size of the printed copy is determined by the instructions provided with the original documents (either through email, written instructions, telephone or otherwise). Documents required to fit a specific paper size may not retain the original proportions.

Low quality pictures may become pixilated on enlargement. We will advise as to the maximum size. Wider or taller images may not fit exactly onto standard paper sizes and may leave a margin on two of the sides.

The customer will bear the cost of all printing.


All orders to be printed based on our design will be kept on hold until we hear from you. Please email your approval or changes as soon as possible so we can proceed with the order.

By submitting your response to Tango Creations, you agree to the following terms.


You are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for final proof and layout approval prior to the printing process.

I am NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons:

Omitted, Mistyped, or Misspelled Words, Grammar, and Punctuation.

You understand that any errors existing on the approved proof will be printed and that any additional costs incurred to fix these errors are your responsibility and not eligible to be re-run free of charge.


We may print this job with the attached changes. You understand that errors will be fixed at no additional charge, but changes to the original design will be charged at the quoted hourly rate.


By submitting your approval to the website, you agree to the following terms:

You have verified that spelling and content are correct and assume all responsibility for typographical errors.

You are satisfied with the document layout.

You understand that your document will print EXACTLY* as it appears on the proof, and that you cannot make any changes once the order is approved.

You certify that you are legally authorised to utilise any design / art / photograph(s) being supplied to Tango Creations for fulfilling this order. Further, you indemnify, hold harmless and agree to defend Tango Creations, its vendors and affiliates from any suit, claim, or demand arising from your reproduction or use of this material.

*Please note the colour on your monitor may not represent the printed piece. The monitor uses a resolution of 72 dpi and is RGB based, while printing uses 300 dpi and is CMYK based. The colours on the monitor are brighter than they will appear when they print.


Tango Creations is not liable for colour matching or ink density on screen proofs approved by the customers. Screen proofs will predict design layout, text accuracy, image proportion and placement, but not colour or density. Tango Creations will try it is best to match the gradient density of each colour; Tango Creations is not liable for the final appearance of a colour.

Application of UV or any other Coating may affect or change the appearance of the printed colours. Tango Creations Store is not liable for the final colour appearance of any coated product/s.