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We offer Art & Photo print services

We recommend you order a Sample Pack of our Papers. We cover the cost of delivery. You can order the FREE SAMPLE PACK (with a colour chart) or the CUSTOM SAMPLE PACK (with any image you want to send to us)

High quality Archival Paper / Rag Paper special for art reproductions and copies.

Our Photo Rag paper follows these core principles:

Superior Inkjet Printer: Large format premium inkjet prints are made using pigment and dye-based inks. Our Photo Rag prints are made strictly using top of the line pigment-based inks.
Colour and Sharpness: Photo Rag paper has the highest resolution and most exquisite detail on the market (significantly more-so than standard giclée). Photo Rag demands the full-colour spectrum and then some in its ability to absorb inks at a much more intense level, this, in turn, provides a vastness and depth to shading and highlights that other paper materials on the market just can’t compete with.

Paper Quality: The paper or surface used must be acid-free, and the quality is archival to ensure dependability and Photo Rag adheres to these requirements and then some again.

We offer:

  • Fibre Based Semigloss Paper 300gsm
    Modelled on the traditional fibre based organic material used in conventional photography. It has a microporous semi-gloss coating designed for high-quality fine art and photographic reproduction and has a remarkably large colour gamut. An acid inhibiting layer delivers superb archival qualities.
    This paper is excellent for photography and most of the digital artworks.
  • Soft Textured Paper 310gsm
    A soft textured fine art paper with a slight structure similar to traditional fine art paper. Acid free, natural white colour and single side coated. Archival museum quality.
    Its finishing makes this paper a superb choice for pencil, aquarelles and similar reproductions.
  • Rough Textured Paper 310gsm
    A rough textured fine art paper with a course structure similar to watercolour paper. Acid free, natural white colour and single side coated. Archival museum quality
    This is a very attractive option for acrylics and oil paint reproduction prints.


Photo Papers:

The most traditional paper on the affordable market, the RC in this paper name stands for resin-coated. These are the least expensive and most widely used inkjet papers by most typical consumers. They reliably deliver deep blacks and white whites, extraordinary contrast and sharpness, and are absolutely appropriate for a variety of subject matter. RC papers are typically the go-to papers for portrait and wedding photographers.

If you are exhibiting your work at regional county fairs or arts and crafts festivals, then RC papers are great. Just be aware that fine art collectors and customers, as well as museums, would not think these papers acceptable. It completely depends on your target market if you are selling your photographs.