Members & Friends Programme

Integrated manufacturing & delivery service.

As I mentioned, I am with you.

I understand the cost of producing items and not selling them.

I am offering the option to produce/print your items, as you need. Moreover, send them directly to your buyer.


  • No need to stock items
  • No need to send the items either
  • I will create also the product images of the items for you, ready to be posted on your website and/or social media, including your logo/watermark.
  • In addition, special prices on the items you want to add to this service.


We will agree with the items you wish to add to this service.
You send me the image(s).
You can order a sample of each item you would like to offer. This is not necessary/compulsory, but it will help you to know exactly the quality of the product you will sell, and you will get a special price on each sample.
I will create the product photos for you to promote your items. The photos will also include your logo.
You post the images offering your product on your website / social media / Etsy™ or similar.
The customer orders the items from you.
The customer pays you.
You send the order to me. Remember, you will get special discounts on your order.
I will produce the order (production time: up to 4 working days depending on the item)
I will send the item to your customer including your address as sender plus a leaflet of you in the package (Ask me about this service) – The delivery cost for a standard small parcel is £ 4.50.-. Be aware of this when you setup your business.

In the meantime, you just enjoy a cup of tea and create more.

There is an administrative fee of £10. In order to set-up your account (up to 10 products, if you want to add more products to this system it will be 50p each) and a maintenance fee of £5.- per month (no matter how many products) to keep your account active BUT: If you make at least 1 order per month the maintenance fee will not be charged. Also, remember you get discounts from the prices published on the retailer website, on any order plus access to special offers. Once your account is ready, you will receive unique access to my website.

Unlock these benefits

  • Unique FTP account to upload your images (if you want me to storage your images, otherwise you can upload your images each time, perfect if you make customised designs)

  • Photos of your products, including your logo.

  • A5 flyer to insert into your parcel with the product.
    (you will receive the instructions once I create your account)

  • Membership access to my website with special discounts .

  • Full support and advice over video conference.