Certificate of Quality

The Certificate of Quality adds value to your print.

It confirms that your print has been produced to the highest standard and warranties a longlasting copy of your priceless artwork.

“The Artist Mate Printers (Sotelano Media Ltd) certify that this print was produced using the highest print standards (top of the range Epson Sure Color with UV multicolour stable ink system) and using Archival Rag Acid Free paper with 3 cores.”


You can add the certificate to your order (only to Archival Paper prints).

We will include primary information such as the date of making, the specific type of paper used and the fact that it is an official archival print using approved pigments and paper.

You can complete it later with your information.

This certificate will add value to your prints as it will secure to your customer that the artwork will not discolour in time. Rag Archival papers (Acid Free – Cotton Based) are specifically made for to last effectively for 40, 50 years or even more.

Note: Do not mistake the “Certificate of Quality”, wich only guarantee the quality of the paper and print technique with the “Limited Edition Certificate” wich, not only guarantee the quality of the prints but also the quantity of copies the artist will print.

You can other your Certificate of Quality alongside with your order.