Bespoke unique merchandising

Unique products for your unique artwork.

Our services do not end by offering the classic product typical for merchandising such as mugs, coasters, prints and so on.

It is possible also to create special products for you.
Why offer a tote bag if it is possible to add your artwork to a high-quality fashion handbag or backpack?
Can you imagine your artwork on leather? Or wood? Jewellery maybe?

The possibilities are endless, so are the chances to make more income. Why?
Because if you are offering mugs or coasters, as an example, somehow you are tied to the market prices.

No matter how beautiful or unique is your creation, we need to be realistic, nobody will pay a lot of money for a standard mug.

What if we can create a distinctive piece of merchandising? The sale price will be up to you and not up to the market competitors as there will be no competitors offering the same product.

A very interesting point for example is that not always these products are more expensive to manufacture than a mug. However, you can sell it 5 times more.

Make an appointment on video conference and we can discuss this further.