About Prints

Some thinghs you must carefully consider before sending your art to be printed, from costs, sellings options, copyright concerns and more.


How large can I print?

How large can I print? You can use the table below as a general guide to the pixel dimensions needed for printing. The table will show you how many pixels are in a specific print size across various print resolutions, and will help you answer the question of, ‘How large can I print my file?’


Printing your artworks at home

This article may puzzle you. We represent a printing company, why we would like to give you advice about printing at home? The answer is simple, we don’t want you to spend money on things you can do at home.


The truth about creating prints of your original art

Why Reproduce your Art Work Artists, who sell their work, introduce a new, lower, more affordable price point. Artist, who wants to find alternatives to sell their artworks on different products such as mugs, garments, postcards and more, Artists create reproductions to give to friends and family. Artists, who want to send their artwork to […]

Limited Edition certificate

Limited edition prints, are they a good option?

What is a limited edition print? Limited Edition prints means that the artists will only print a certain amount of copies of a particular artwork, and once they are sold, there won’t be more available.


How to capture photos of your artworks

  To print your unique artwork, we will require a digital file (a photo). This article is to assist you to this yourself or to decide if you prefer to send the artwork to us to be digitalized.