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I am Martin Sotelano and I am the Director of The Artist Mate & Sotelano Media Ltd.

I started as a designer and printing quality controller more than 30 years ago.

I worked in special printing techniques with metal inclusions, trimming, extra coats and more and used to work as a quality print controller for many established businesses such as American Greetings (Greeting Cards) and more.

I was the manager of the Corel Draw User Group Argentina and worked for Corel Corporation delivering practical demonstrations and lectures for many years at events like Comdex, Siggraph, ExpoMAc, Grafika and many more.

Besides this, I was invited by several academic institutions and exhibitors to deliver lectures and special seminars and workshops, and I taught at many institutions such as Palermo University, Del Salvador University among others.

I am the author of several published books and articles about Photography & Graphic Design;
If you want to know about my active career, you can see my CV here.

In 2000 I started collaborating with artists, helping them to develop potential opportunities to sell their creations. During this time, I learned to analyse their artworks and help them find the right channels to sell their products; collaborating with exhibitions, creating catalogues and merchandising.

I genuinely like the personal approach; I like to understand the artists’ goals and help them find the best way to increase their incomes.


Martin Sotelano

Photography and Digital Painting are my lifelong passions, and I view them as more than a job. I am an advocate of continuous development and further education, and as such I have continued to develop and research innovative techniques, which I would like to use in my career to pass on my knowledge to students and colleagues.
Leisure: Traditional English Longbow Archer, member of ILAA (International Longbow Archers Association) member Llandaff Bowmen club. I like playing trombone too.


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Martin Sotelano

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