About me (a CV)

I am a creative, imaginative and innovative person who has many years’ experience in graphic design, including commercial websites, and digital photography. I have designed leaflets, magazines, posters, catalogues and flyers using colour separation, CMYK, special colours, calibration & photographic retouching, control of impressions and digital imaging. I am also an experienced photographer and lecturer with excellent planning and problem-solving skills. I have worked for well-known and recognised institutions and companies such as Palermo University, Corel Corp., AGEA S.A. (Clarin Newspaper), Raggio College, Assoc. of Professional Photographers of Argentina (AFPRA), Cordoba National University. I am an author of several books and articles about Photography & Graphic Design, and I have been invited by institutions and exhibitors to present lectures and special seminars. I was also a professor at the Palermo University among other institutions.

· Author of several books including: Multimedia Guide, Corel Draw 7 Book, Digital Photography and Graphic & Digital Productions Book (co-author)
· Publication of articles on various aspects of photography in prestigious Argentinean and international magazines.
· Displaying own work at various exhibitions

(completed in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
San Luis School, 1978

Underwater video & photo

Arts (Drawing & Painting):
Art schoolteacher qualification at the second level
National Technical Education School 1980
Graphic Arts Technician qualification
San Martin Centre, 1980
Photographer qualification
(completed in the UK)
MH Training Services, Cardiff Central Enterprise Centre, 2008
Counselling Skills
Highfield / Caerphilly 2013
HABC Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (QCF)

Qualifications & Work:

1- Graphic Designer & Photography:

Colour Separations CMYK, Special Colours. Calibration and Photographic retouching.
Coordination and Control: Distribution of tasks among editors, photographers, and printers. – Control of impression – Digital Imaging & Calibrations.
Development & Administration of Web Sites – Content Development – E-commerce – Search engines & SEO
Products, Fashion, Models, Shows & Dance photography.
Photo retouching – Colour Calibration – Ensembles

Teaching Background & Publications:

Photography Teacher of:
Borough Council of Buenos Aires
Graphic Syndicate Camera Club
Argentine Institute of Computers (IAC – Buenos Aires, Mendoza & La Pampa counties)
Assoc. Of Professional Photographers of Argentina (AFPRA)
Assoc Of Professional Photographers of Cordoba (Argentina)
Colour Retouching & Calibration in AGR – Clarin (Newspaper)

Graphic Design Teacher of:
Design Technology – Palermo University – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Del Salvador University (Design Technology Seminars) – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Cordoba National University (Design Technology Seminars) – Cordoba – Argentina
Raggio Technical School (Design Technology Seminars) – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Published Books

Multimedia Guide – Editorial Borderline – Author
Starter Guide of Page Maker 5 – Editorial Borderline – Author
Starter Guide of Corel Draw 5 – Editorial Borderline – Author
Corel Draw 7 Book, MP Publishers (Average Customer Review ****: Amazon.com ) Author
Graphic & Digital Production Book of Lic. Hugo Santarsiero – Collaborator on Internet, Corel Draw & Digital Photography – Assessor
Digital Photography – Multimagen Publishing, Author, among others

Examples of Participation as a lecturer or presenter on TV shows:

TN Computación (Channel 13 – TN Cable TV),
Intranet TV (Channel 4),
Com 2 TV (Channel 4),
Dominio Digital (Channel 13 – TN Cable TV),
among others.

Examples of Media Articles Published in magazines:

Fotobjetivo Magazine (Fashion, Models & Digital techniques),
Imaging & Design Magazine – Designer & Collaborator,
Intercomp Magazine – Collaborator (Córdoba),
Cosmopolitan Magazine (Glamour Photography Interview),
Revista Noticias (Digital Art Interview),
Fotomundo Magazine (Digital Photography Techniques,
Multimagen – Digital photography forum admin.
Alt-Tab – Blog of Technology – Collaborator
among others

Events & Expos:

Seminario Professional de Arte Digital (Professional Seminar of Digital Art)- Agfa (expositor)
Comdex 2000 (expositor – lecturer)
Comdex 98 (expositor – lecturer)
Computacion 98 (expositor)
Expo Ferreteria 2001 (press)
Fiaeba – Siggraph 99 (expositor – lecturer)
Expomac 97 (expositor – lecturer)
GNU – Linux – Rosario 2000 (expositor – lecturer)
Grafika 2000 (expositor – lecturer)
Grafika 98 (lecturer)
Imagen 94 (lecturer)
Imagen 95 (lecturer)
Info 97 (expositor – lecturer)
Macromedia Web Solutions 99 (expositor)
Infocom 95 (lecturer)
Mercado 98 (expositor)
Planet Autodesk 2000 (expositor – lecturer)
Preimpresion 95 (expositor – lecturer)
Preimpresion 97 (expositor – lecturer)
Presentacion Windows 98 (press)
Expofoto 2003 – (lecturer)
Expofoto 2004 – (lecturer – expositor)

Media Articles:

Fotobjetivo Magazine (Fashion, Models & Digital techniques).
Con V De Vian Magazine – Covers Photography
Claudia Martitch Poems Book – Cover Design & Photography
J. L. Joselovsky Kinesiologhist – Book’s Covers (Photography)
Imaging & Design Magazine – Designer & Collaborator
Intercomp Magazine – Collaborator (Córdoba)
Diskette Magazine – Collaborator
Cosmopolitan Magazine (Glamour Photography Interview)
Revista Noticias (Digital Art Interview)
Fotomundo Magazine (Digital Photography Techniques
Argentina Class Magazine – Special Assignments.
Multimagen – Digital photography forum admin.
TecnoVortex (formely Alt-Tab) Tech Blog – Photography writer


De la Gorra Theatre, San Telmo, Buenos Aires – 1986
Graphic Designers Buenos Aires Assoc.- 1993
Sisgraph 99 Digital Art Exhibition – 1999
Digital Glamour Professional Argentinean Photographers
5º Salón Mercosur of Sacred Art “Padre Castañeda” 2000, (Digital Art Price)
Expo Sensual – Buenos Aires, Argentina- 2005
Erotica – Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina – 2006
Girona Theater. Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2007
Fetish Night – Glastonbury, Somerset, England – 2008
Fuuck, Photography Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2011 & 2012
Tha Gate Art Centre, Cardiff, Wales – 2010
VII Cultural Festival, 3D Museum Regional Art, Mexico DF, Mexico – 2011
Salon Arcano, Inescrutable Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2012
Occulture Festival, Brighton, England – 2012
Festival of Erotica, Glastonbury, Somerset, England – 2013
Risca, Risca Palace, Caerphilly, Wales – 2013 / 2015 / 2017 / 2019… so far
Art on The Hill, Newport, Wales – 2018
Blaenavon Heritage Centre, Blaenavon, Torfaen, Wales – 2019
among others

Exhibition at “Evento Cuadrado”

Exhibition at “Evento Cuadrado”
Photos and Posters for Sexpoerotica 2006