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Limited edition prints, are they a good option?

What is a limited edition print?

Limited Edition prints means that the artists will only print a certain amount of copies of a particular artwork, and once they are sold, there won’t be more available.

Limited Edition certificate

Even there are no rules about how these “Limited Edition Prints” should be; we commonly understand that the prints should be all the same size, type of print and paper.

Once the artists decide how many copies will be available of that particular artwork, they will be signed and numbered showing the number of the copy and the total amount of copies the artist will print.

Usually an edition of 100 copies cannot be called “Limited Edition”. A classic limited edition is between 5 to 20 copies. If you are planning to print between 1 to 5 copies, we get closer to the almost original artwork.

Is it beneficial for the artists?

Yes, it is. Same as an artist paint one aquarelle as an example, and that painting is unique, printing a certain number of an artwork will make it also more valuable.

What kind of artworks can be included in “Limited Edition Prints”?

Starting with photos but not limited as, basically, any kind of artwork that will be shown/exhibited on a paper, canvas or similar can be printed on “Limited Edition Print”.

Digital photos, digital art & designs are easy to print as Limited Edition as they are already ready to be printed. If the original is a painting, aquarelle or any no-digital artwork, the process will be a little more complicated as we need to get the digital file first.

Limited Edition certificate

As “Limited Edition” is more expensive than “Open Editions”, how can the buyer be sure that the total amount of prints will be the ones that the artist said?

First you need to see carefully the front of the print. Just underneath the artwork you will find:

  • The signature of the artists
  • The date of the creation of the original work
  • And some numbers showing the number of that copy/print and the number of the total prints the artist made. As an example: 2/40, it means this is the 2nd copy of a total of 40.
Limited Edition certificate

Is there  any other sign I, as a buyer, should look for?

Yes, when you buy a “Limited Edition Print” you will expect your artwork to last for a long time. The paper used is very important. Cotton based and acid-free paper will make your artwork last for longer. As a minimum standard, this kind of paper warranty (in combination with the inks used for the prints) the copy of the artwork will last, at least, 30 years or more.

A stamp or similar from the printing company will help you to identify the paper. Also, you will receive a Limited Edition Print Certificate.

What is a Certificate of Limited Edition Print?

To warranty that the “Limited Edition” is really a limited edition, the certificate contains information on the artist, the title of the work, the media used and the number and date of the edition.

The artist can supply it itself but, in order for the buyer to be sure about the authenticity of the limited edition, the printing company should provide and sign it too.

A Certificate of Authenticity of the Limited Edition Print is not only a great marketing tool but also a useful benefit for your buyer.

How can I get a Certificate of Authenticity of the Limited Edition?

First you need to decide how many copies of your artwork you want to print. Then you can buy those certificates in order to add them to your copies.

As long as you buy the certificates first, you do not need to actually print the copies of the artwork all together. The information about your “Limited Edition Prints” will be added to the database (that can be seen by the buyer too) along with the digital file, and you can order the prints when you need them. Once you reach the amount of the prints, you declare in the certificate, the digital file will be deleted and you will not be able to print more copies.

Certificate of Authenticity of the Limited Edition are available only for Archival Quality Prints